You may have read in the news recently there have been changes to the laws governing how websites operate. We just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how IMCUK has dealt with the changes to ensure your on-line experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Back in May 2011 a new law was brought into force that affects all websites in the UK. This new law specifies that visitors to website be given the right to refuse cookies recording information.

What is a cookie you ask? A cookie is a small piece of information which have been common place on the Internet for years. They are an integral technology which allows a website to work fluidly and give its visitors a personalised and good experience.

An example of a common cookie; when you log in to your favourite website you may be asked if you would like the browser to 'remember' you for next time. Allowing the site to remember you tells the browser to create a cookie containing our username, so when you visit next time your username is already filled in.

In order to comply with the EC Directives on Cookie use we have taken steps to make sure our visitors know what we do with cookies and how to disable them if you don’t wish to use them. We currently don't use cookies during a visit to our website but if we do in future we'll warn you on the home page.

We are going to use another set of cookies which form part of Google's Analytics package. This allows us to see how many visitors come to our website and where they came from. We use this to monitor how well our online business is doing. The system does not record any personal information.

In fact none of our cookies record any sensitive information. We would never store your personal details, credit card details or any similar information in a cookie!