Thumbnails - a quick way to get them onto a page with links to a larger image.

I often use screen grabs to illustrate points on systmes and find the ability to add a small thumnail to a page which in turn links to a larger image very useful. It stops the page getting bloated but also allows users to examne details if they need to. 

Whilst there are various excellent gallery add-ons often a simgle page just needs a few images dropped on it.

This is how to do it...

Add the thumbnail using the 'add image' button in the editor and then tracking down the THUMBNAIL via the Browse Server option. 

So this is what we want . a thumbnail which links to the real image. The hidden link above is: 

and this is how we get there...

First upload the files, then add the thumbnail via the 'Insert Image' button in the editor.

Then save the page and add a link to the full size image.

That's it - enjoy!