Argosoft .Net Mail Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is almost always my recommendation when clients ask about mail server systems. It's mature, robust and enormously powerful. And requires decent hardware to run on and costs quite a lot of money!

So for small SME type operations Exchange can be an overkill solution and so I've spent some time looking for and testing lower cost alternatives.

The one I've started to use as my preferred solution for SMEs with 10 - 20 users is Argosoft's DotNet Mail Server, details of which can be found here..

This is a simple to instal piece of software which runs under most types of Windows - and I've tested it under Windows 2008 (x32 & x64) as well as Windows 2012 x64 - and runs as a single NT service with a useful GUI. It also integrates with IIS to give a web mail interface for remote access.By default it uses SQLlite as a database engine but can equally well use MS SQL Express which is recommended for heavier loads.

It supports POP3, SMTP & IMAP and works well with all versions of Outlook as well as other mail clients.

In comparison to Exchanges it lacks any Public Folder and shared calendar facility but otherwise seems to do everything a user could want.

Highly recomended!