Windows Registry Cleaner

Windows store all the information about computer resources, software and hardware in its registry. Registry cleaning programs are used to clean up the Windows’s registry, scan the operating system, repair registry problems and boost the performance of system.

The common errors and problems that are generated due to corrupted registry are slow performance of the system, .dll errors, runtime errors, Windows explorer errors, Dr. Watson errors, exe errors, computer freezing, unable to remove a software using Add/Remove program, pop ups and errors messages.

The registry is the place where all the applications store temporary entries of the data. The more applications are installed and computer is used, the more registry entries are created and hence slow down the system’s speed and performance.

A corrupted registry can damage the computer, perform unwanted actions, corrupt the data and crash the operating system.

Various freeware and commercial packages exist to carry out this work.

It is important to note that before scanning your registry, take a full backup of it and restore it when required.

In our experience, one of the best - and free - packages is from AML -

It's free, it runs on Windows 7 - and all other modern Windows systems and the only 'down side' is an HTML 'nag' screen to the companies paid for products. A small price to pay for an excellent tool.