Spam Assassin and Argosoft

Whilst Argosoft comes ready to run 'out of the box' with some anti-spam systems, including tarpitting and RBL, it can be enhanced by adding the Open Source project Spam Assassin to it. Argosoft already has the hooks and GUI built in for this so all one needs to do is download the excellent Windows build from Jam Software in German and then install and configure it. Note that as shipped, Spam Assassin does not run as an NT service which is dull. But with NSSM it can be 'servicised' and thus run automatically.

1- Download and install SpamAssassin from JAM Software website:

Here is the link :

2- Test if it’s working:

Go to c:\program files\JAM software\SpamAssassin for Windows and launch SpamD.exe

A DOS console will stay open. If you have a firewall add spamd.exe in exceptions.

Then open ArGoSoft Mail Server and choose Security, Anti spam, SpamAssassin. Check enabled and click on Test. A message will say « service appears to be responding »

3- Configuration of SpamAssassin:

Close spamd.exe console window.

The configuration file is in c:\program files\JAM software\SpamAssassin\share\v3.xxxxxx\updates_spamassassin_org\

For paramaters see SpamAssassin website or use this generator :

4- Create a windows service:

Download NSSM :
Copy nssm.exe in your system32 folder

Open a command prompt and type :

Cd windows
Cd system32
Nssm.exe install SpamAssassin

Click on Browse and choose Spamd.exe
Click on Install Service

Restart your server or start service manually for the first time.

All done ! and a big thanks to Eskissimo for this tip!